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Pipetting Samples

-Dynamic actuation enhances transport and extends therapeutic lifespan in an implantable drug delivery platform:

- Medical devices, smart drug delivery, wearables and technology for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus:

- Type 1 diabetes and engineering enhanced islet transplantation:

- Raman Microspectroscopy Identifies Fibrotic Tissues in Collagen-Related Disorders Via Deconvoluted Collagen Type I Spectra:

- Fluorescence lifetime metabolic mapping of hypoxia-induced damage in pancreatic pseudo-islets:

- Tethering zwitterionic polymer coatings to mediated glucose biosensor enzyme electrodes can decrease sensor foreign body response yet retain sensor sensitivity to glucose: 

- Decorin improves human pancreatic β-cell function and regulates ECM expression in vitro:

- The Foreign Body Response to an Implantable Therapeutic Reservoir in a Diabetic Rodent Model:

- A Predictive Oxygen Durability Model to Analyze Oxygen Consumption of Insulin Producing Cells Encapsulated Within a Highly Oxygenated Hydrogel:

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